Introduction to Management of Information systems

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Globalization, competition between firms, the development of new and
powerful tools for processing and sharing information, together transform
information management in organizations. In recent years, information systems
(IS) evolved rapidly with the emergence of many integrated application suites
or methods, and the maturing of Internet technologies (e-mail, intranet,
e-commerce, Web 2.0., Cloud Computing, etc.).

Future managers should acknowledge these changes and develop understanding
about how to leverage IS benefits in order to foster organizational performance
and competitive advantage. The purpose of this course is thus assist future
managers in becoming knowledgeable participants in IS strategic decisions. It
is intended to provide a foundation of basic concepts relevant to using and
managing information for leveraging firms’ competitive advantage. It helps
forming a critical point of view about how IS will help, hinder, and create
opportunities for their organizations. The approach of this course is a
managerial, non-technical one.

The key questions and
issues addressed in this course are the following: What are the implications of
information and information management around and within contemporaneous firms?
How do information systems (IS) contribute to corporate strategy and strategic
advantage? How to manage IS project and IT lead business transformation? How is
decision making formed through information technology? How do IS change work
practices? Why should any company Department care about IS? How to evaluate the
performance and the value of an IS?


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