Why Minecraft Rewrites the Playbook for Learning

« You know that Minecraft is massive. But, did you know it is transforming learning? Geeky teachers have brought Minecraft to subjects ranging from history to biology to probability. The game is being rolled out to every secondary school in Northern Ireland this month. » View More

Proprietary Surveillance

« In addition, many web sites spy on their visitors. Web sites are not programs, so it makes no sense to call them “free” or “proprietary”, but the surveillance is an abuse all the same. » View More


« L’Holacratie est un système organisationnel de gouvernance qui permet à une organisation de disséminer les mécanismes de prise de décision au travers d’une organisation fractale d’équipes auto-organisées. Elle se distingue donc nettement des modèles pyramidaux top-down[1]. » View More


« Enregistré à la Présidence de l’Assemblée nationale le 6 mars 2012. PAR MM. Hervé GAYMARD et Michel LEFAIT, » View More

5 Innovative Animation Tools for Teachers

« Move over, Disney. Step aside, Pixar! It’s now easier than ever for casual users to create fun, engaging animations. With the slew of information available online, even young storytellers can learn the basics of visual storytelling. There are even several free tools that are easy to learn. » View More